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10 Projects For 2021

This will be our first full year DIYing our home as we only started halfway into last year. With so many ideas running through our heads we decided it was best to write them all down.

By no means do we have all of these projects completely laid out with mood boards, but we do have a general idea for each. They are also not in any order of planned completion.

1. Hunt club bathroom for mom. This is the project we are currently working on. You all have been awesome in sharing with us your opinions on wall colors, fixtures and more. It can be really fun sometimes to share with y'all the details along the way. Below are the fixtures we chose, but the color will have to wait! We can't give the ENTIRE room away...

2. Living room tray ceiling. You all know that we just recently refreshed our dining space with painting the previously grey walls Pure White by Sherwin Williams and spray painting the windows black. Well we have plans to paint the entire living room (adjacent to the dining room) Pure White as well and even have some plans for the ceiling and fireplace!

3. Acid wash concrete patio. Ever since we bought our home we have wanted to upgrade the back patio. The builder did a regular concrete patio which is sturdy, but rough and unfinished. We have seen a few of our favorite accounts add acid washed concrete to their spaces, so that will be our plan. We think it will really complete the space with the daybed swing Casey already built.

Brooke and Henry over at Plank and Pillow acid stained their concrete basement, so we will definitely refer to their blog post for a detailed tutorial!

4. Goodbye grey interior. This one is going to be the death of me. We understand why a lot of builders choose a light grey for the interior of new homes. It is a calming neutral that goes well with virtually everything, but we definitely prefer the clean slate of a white home. Plus, we do not have much natural lighting in our home, so the grey closes in the walls. We have already started by completing the dining room space, but still want to finish the entire first floor by the end of the year.

5. Cozy guest room for mom. My mom strikes again! We have not even touched her half bath down stairs and she already has plans for us to remake another room in her house, but this time a bedroom! Think warm wood tones, maybe a fireplace addition and all new furniture (some of which we may even build).

6. Clean lines wood art. We have now made three pieces of wood art and I definitely want to make another. I am a huge fan of large art pieces that are cheap...hence why we DIY each piece!

The two pieces below are in our guest room and to make them I used a table saw for the very first time! We do not have a tutorial put together for these yet, but we plan to make one soon.

We also created this large piece for our master bedroom which left Casey drilling upwards of 500 holes. I do not think I could ever convince him to recreate this piece. We are working on a tutorial for it as well.

7. Spa retreat guest bathroom. Though we have worked on the guest room (which is basically Roe's room) we have not touched the guest bathroom next door. Our plan is to continue the "spa-like" theme of our guest room into the bathroom with wood tones and bright white walls.

8. Garage meets workshop. This project might not be "instagram worthy," but it will certainly make our lives easier. We originally had only a car port with just a roof and garage door, but Casey and his dad enclosed two sides this past summer to give us protection from weather while working on our projects. It has been great, but we never added any shelving or a work bench which has made Casey's back quite angry. We are ready for this one!

9. Modern sliding door. The view you see in the photo below of our master bedroom is the only view we ever show because the wall to the left of the bed is quite boring. It contains just two doors, one to the hallway and one to the bathroom. The entrance to the bathroom would be the perfect place to add a sliding barn door with a modern twist. Casey likes more rustic pieces while I prefer a more modern touch, so modern barn door will be the perfect compromise!

Here are a few designs I love:

10. Warm coastal bedroom. Another one for my mom...if she is lucky! This time my childhood bedroom, cues the "I've come full circle" speech. My mom and I have great plans for this room including beams, ceiling paneling and of course a fresh coat of paint. I have started gathering ideas on our Pinterest account if you want to check out some of my favorite designs!

What do y'all think? Are we too ambitious? Do you think we will actually get all of these projects done in a single year while we both work full time jobs and I am studying for a specialty board exam? I guess y'all will just have to keep following along with us on Instagram to see what we get done!


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