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New Kitchen Pendants and the Ones that Didn't Make the Cut

SURPRISE! While we were waiting for the first coat of primer to dry we decided to finally install our new pendant lights. To be honest, these arrived at the end of May and they have been sitting in boxes in our hallway ever since. I just didn't want to install them until I was ready to begin painting the island...and that day has come.

Normally I would have waited to show y'all the pendants until the island was done, but I simply could not help myself because a) I love them and b) I got a rare photo with a Casey feature. He looks so proud of his work hah!

Here is a photo of the old lights the builder provided and the new ones we installed. Honestly, the old pendants are still in great condition and work well in the space, but I wanted something less modern and with more texture.

The new pendants have brass accents and an off white, fabric shade which helps to add some warmth to the space. They don't look great right now with the blue/grey primer on the island, but I promise you they will look perfect with the new paint color I have picked out!

Don't forget, we started this whole mini kitchen project a few months ago when I painted the walls and ceiling Pure White by SW. They were originally Repose Grey, which I believe is the color of the island as well. The island color and walls were beautiful, but just not my style. I needed (once again) a little more warmth. I wanted the kitchen to feel more cozy. It took me a while to decide on the current, fabric pendants from West Elm, so I thought I'd share all of the pendants that didn't make the final cut (or didn't fit the budget).


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