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Nursey Mood Board

Baby girl Hughes arriving April 2022, and we are THRILLED! Thank you all for the support and kind words as we finally announced our biggest pieces of news to date.

gender and baby reveal for little girl Hughes

gender and baby reveal for little girl Hughes, gender reveal cake

Obviously there was not much going on during the first trimester because I just didn't have the energy to do ANYTHING, but our nursery plans are in full swing now. Normally I am rather decisive in my room plans, but not this time. I think I made about 15 different mood boards before I finally settled on my final design.

Here she is in all of her white, wood and blush glory. What do you think??

blush, wood, white, neutral nursery for baby girl

Originally I wanted to have blush colored curtains and dresser with a beige paint color for the shiplap, but Casey insisted we needed more color and less "neutral," which I agreed. Now I am not making any promises about the final selections because indecision seems to be the theme or my pregnancy, but for the most part this is the direction we are headed towards.

I felt even more convinced that this was the right style for our nursery when I saw one of my favorite designers (here in Nashville!), April Tomlin, post this photo of a recent nursery she designed. The color scheme is very similar and we both chose the same crib!! Major designer crush over here. If y'all don't follow her on Instagram then you are missing out!

As thrilled as I am to bring this nursery to life, I am a little sad that the white oak, waterfall desk will have to be moved elsewhere. I think we are going to place it in our office for Casey to use and get rid of the current desk set up in there. And yes, that is a photo of Casey back in his football days at Vanderbilt (where we met). His coworkers made that mock up Seventeen Magazine cover for him as a present one year. He wasn't actually on the cover, BUT he was featured in the article. If you want a little laugh I have linked it for you here.

While I LOVE the West Elm desk and bookshelf we have (I brought it over from my childhood home), Casey works in IT and needs his monitors to be raised for a more ergonomic setup. That being said, I had a great, short-lived run with using the waterfall desk as my own, but marriage is all about sharing right?

moody office with warm, wooden desk and bookshelf

Well, that's all I have today for details on our nursery. I will continue sharing pieces of furniture and inspiration photos that didn't quite make the cut as well as continued update photos on our progress!

Follow along on Instagram for more nursery progress, and thank you all again for such kind words. We love this community!


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