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Half Bathroom Design Details

Now that we have the ceiling and back wall covered in shiplap, I felt it was time to reveal my entire design plan to you all. I showed y'all some of the fixtures we decided on (let's hope we don't change our minds haha), but I never went over the plan as a whole. I figured this would be a good time to give y'all a look into how I pull things together (a question y'all ask frequently).

First things first, this half bathroom has never been touched my mom in terms of design. The builder made all of the choices nearly six years ago and my mom never changed a thing. It is in the basement of the home, so it was kind of a forgotten space until recently. The current style of her bathroom does not at all reflect her personal style.


Regarding how I pull things together, I will say I almost exclusively pull ideas from Pinterest, so if you have been following us there then you likely have a rough idea of what our plan is for this room. I do follow many accounts on both Pinterest and Instagram, but it is easier for me to visualize how things look together on Pinterest because I can dedicate an entire board to one room.

Here is what the "bathroom" board on our Pinterest account currently looks like. I will frequently add a bunch of ideas I like and then delete pins as I narrow down my ideas.

There are definitely circumstances in which I have created mood boards on canva or powerpoint for an entire room (like I did for our office in the photo below), but for this half bath I had a pretty strong and clear idea of what I wanted so I simply didn't take the time to create a mood board.

Now lets go over more details of the mood board. I was inspired largely by a lot of the vertical shiplap details in several of the above photos. I decided I wanted to make a BIG statement in such a small room, so we decided on vertical shiplap on all of the walls and the ceiling. We chose to go with a "waterfall" affect so that the back wall goes straight up to the ceiling in a seamless transition without any trim. The rest of the walls will also be covered in shiplap. We chose vertical boards instead of horizontal to help make the room feel larger and taller versus horizontal which could have made this already small room feel even smaller.

For the color, my mom and I were deciding between a muted red or green as she has neither of these colors currently in her home. We were inspired by the green in the countertops of the current half bath as well as the current artwork, both of which we planned to keep. Regarding the actual color, we are still deciding between two and will likely end up testing out both of them!

For the design options, we knew the traditional styled lighting had to go and my mom wanted something a little more modern. I found some two-toned mobile sconces on West Elm and a picture light off of Amazon, both of which I had come across on Pinterest as well. I always order from places that allow free returns because I cannot tell y'all the amount of times I have changed my mind once I saw a light/decor piece in the room (hopefully that doesn't happen here)!

All in all the process is fairly simple and straight forward...I look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and apply different elements from each photo to my project. Now just because I am inspired by the photo does not mean I am going to copy it completely. I often take just one piece from the photo and combine it with other rooms I love. There have been times I will love an accent wall seen in a bathroom, and apply it to a bedroom with a slightly altered style.

Hope that helped give y'all a little insight as to how I make decisions on what I want to do with a room!


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