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Spa-like Bathroom Reveal!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

WE ARE BACK! After a loooooong 2.5 months we are finally back to what we love...upgrading our builder grade house to make it feel more like US.

We decided to take on this bathroom as our first project back simply because it was a small area to do, and I already had the design planned in my head. It was nice to start small and remember how much we love the challenge of figuring out how to make a room look designer-level luxurious.

Here is where we started.

We loved the white subway tile and the counter top, so we knew we definitely did not want to change that. However, the rest of the space just screamed "builder," which isn't necessarily a bad thing, we just wanted to make our home more warm and inviting. I knew we needed to add warmth with an accent wall and swapping out the chrome fixtures for black.

Here is the inspiration for our wood wall. I have had this photo saved on my Pinterest and Instagram for SO long...I was simply waiting for the right time to make it come to life. Jean Stoffer is one of my favorites designers and I always find so much inspiration from her home designs. My dream one day is to be able to afford something from her cabinetry line!!

I opted not to change the color of the cabinetry nor add any other trim on the wall with the towels simply because I could not make up my mind. I do believe I would like to add color with the cabinetry and a vertical half or full shiplap wall behind the towels, but anytime I cannot make up my mind I know it is not the right time. With the wood wall I KNEW I had to have it, but with the other two design elements I am not completely sold, which means we may have more projects in this bathroom in our future (don't tell Casey)!

As promised, here are the links to everything to almost everything you see in the photos:

We will be posting this coming week on How to Waterproof your Wood Wall and How to DIY a Thin Edge Frame Mirror. We simply could not fit all of the information in one post!


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